A visit to the archaeological site and the Cerro da Vila Museum is a 5000-year journey through the history of humanity.

The route through the ruins provides an immersive experience of a typical Roman maritima villa (1st century - V AD), consisting of residential buildings with mosaics and luxurious fontaries (domus), public and private spas (pools of cold and hot water, sauna, gymnasium, etc.), factories for the production of fish preparations (garum, liquamen, hallec, muria) and funerary monuments (columbaria, burial graves).

It is highlighted the existence of a port that served as a commercial warehouse for the import and export of products through vessels that sailed between the main urban centers located on the western Atlantic and Mediterranean coast.

In the museum, the temporal incursion begins with the on-site appreciation of the exhumated graves in the cemetery of Vinha do Casão, Vilamoura, Algarve (16th century- X BC), at a time when the human communities of the southern peninsular focused their economy on the exploration and production of bronze utensils.

In this historical journey, the focus goes naturally to roman (12th - 3th century) and Islamic (18th century – 12th Century AD), related to architecture, sculpture, commerce and death, many of which are unique pieces in Portugal.

Listed in the Top 10 of the places to visit during a stay in the Algarve, the Cerro da Vila Archaeological Museum and Station is the perfect cultural haven in cosmopolitan 21st century Vilamoura.


Useful information:

  • Children up to 13 years - free entry
  • From 14 to 64 years - 4€
  • Students - 2€
  • Seniors (>=65) - 2€
  • Groups with more than 10 people - 2€ each

Suitable for families.
Distance - 5min walk from Vilamoura Marina / accessible by car.



Monday to Friday
9:30 -12:30 | 14:00 - 18:00